Friday, May 14, 2010

Benny is 1 month old!

Today, May 14th, is Benjamin's one month birthday. I can't believe it... it feels like he's been here forever... it feels like it was just yesterday... I guess that's how it always is. It been a busy month!

I am enjoying being a mom so much. Yesterday afternoon Benny fell asleep on my chest laying on the couch and I just loved looking at him sleep... he is just so sweet. Today he spotted his hand for the first time. He was on the changing table and his eye's zeroed in on his hand in front of his face and he froze, stared, for a few still seconds, and then went right on wiggling, eyes darting about. The last couple of days I feel like his smile is getting more real. He is smiling and cooing and wiggling when I tickle him, sing to him, play Patty Cake... I can't wait for the laughs to start.

Eric, Ben, and I have been totally spoiled since our boy was born. We have had so many dinners brought to us by all of our amazing friends. We had the last of Steph's fabulous putanesca for lunch today. Now I'm starting my TJ's list... I guess I better go grocery shopping right?

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. Wow! I guess that day is suppossed to be some momentous event... it's kinda hard to top the event that happened a month ago... my birthday didn't seem so big anymore. It was a nice day and a wonderful evening. I hung with Ben and my mom. We went out to a fun and fancy lunch at Madonna Inn with Aunt Ronda. Then we came home and did some much needed cleaning. Mom cleaned the bathroom while I vacuumed... Ben didn't seem to mind the noise... it actually put him to sleep. Then he fell asleep on my chest... ahhhh, relax. At 5:30 Eric's parents got here, Pop and Nanalynn, for the first babysitting gig. I kissed Ben goodbye 3 or 4 or 5 times and Eric and I headed out with Matt and Jeannie for our much awaited sushi dinner (Haven't had sushi in 10 months... torture.) Dinner was awesome, I love the albacore tataki, and Matt discovered he likes it too. Then we walked through Farmer's and ended up at CPK for dessert. It was perfect and although I didn't think about my little guy at home the WHOLE time, I thought about him a lot. It felt so normal to be out to dinner with my husband and great friends (my old life) but then it felt so wierd at the same time to be away from Ben. When you're with someone 24/7 for 30 days they become a part of you. We were home by 9 o'clock... I think that makes me officially old. Ben did great and Pop and Nanalynn loved every minute of it. We're so lucky to have family so close.

Well, one month. Ben's thriving. He's gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches. Eric and I have gone from 2 to 3. We've gained more than I can ever describe. The love being passed around our little household is bursting.

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