Friday, May 14, 2010

Benny is 1 month old!

Today, May 14th, is Benjamin's one month birthday. I can't believe it... it feels like he's been here forever... it feels like it was just yesterday... I guess that's how it always is. It been a busy month!

I am enjoying being a mom so much. Yesterday afternoon Benny fell asleep on my chest laying on the couch and I just loved looking at him sleep... he is just so sweet. Today he spotted his hand for the first time. He was on the changing table and his eye's zeroed in on his hand in front of his face and he froze, stared, for a few still seconds, and then went right on wiggling, eyes darting about. The last couple of days I feel like his smile is getting more real. He is smiling and cooing and wiggling when I tickle him, sing to him, play Patty Cake... I can't wait for the laughs to start.

Eric, Ben, and I have been totally spoiled since our boy was born. We have had so many dinners brought to us by all of our amazing friends. We had the last of Steph's fabulous putanesca for lunch today. Now I'm starting my TJ's list... I guess I better go grocery shopping right?

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. Wow! I guess that day is suppossed to be some momentous event... it's kinda hard to top the event that happened a month ago... my birthday didn't seem so big anymore. It was a nice day and a wonderful evening. I hung with Ben and my mom. We went out to a fun and fancy lunch at Madonna Inn with Aunt Ronda. Then we came home and did some much needed cleaning. Mom cleaned the bathroom while I vacuumed... Ben didn't seem to mind the noise... it actually put him to sleep. Then he fell asleep on my chest... ahhhh, relax. At 5:30 Eric's parents got here, Pop and Nanalynn, for the first babysitting gig. I kissed Ben goodbye 3 or 4 or 5 times and Eric and I headed out with Matt and Jeannie for our much awaited sushi dinner (Haven't had sushi in 10 months... torture.) Dinner was awesome, I love the albacore tataki, and Matt discovered he likes it too. Then we walked through Farmer's and ended up at CPK for dessert. It was perfect and although I didn't think about my little guy at home the WHOLE time, I thought about him a lot. It felt so normal to be out to dinner with my husband and great friends (my old life) but then it felt so wierd at the same time to be away from Ben. When you're with someone 24/7 for 30 days they become a part of you. We were home by 9 o'clock... I think that makes me officially old. Ben did great and Pop and Nanalynn loved every minute of it. We're so lucky to have family so close.

Well, one month. Ben's thriving. He's gained 2 pounds and grown 2 inches. Eric and I have gone from 2 to 3. We've gained more than I can ever describe. The love being passed around our little household is bursting.

Just Hangin'

4 generations of Barnett's
Attack of the Kisses!
Hello Mammie!
So precious!
Hello Julie and Gabe.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weeks 2 and 3

I've been writing a little each day but haven't gotten it up here yet. So here's for the last week and a half...

April 26, 2010
We went over to Cousin Bud and Pat’s house to celebrate Anutie R’s birthday. Ben was such a little gentleman and hung out totally content in his bouncy seat all through dinner. I guess he didn’t want to leave cause the only time he cried was when we put him in his car seat to go home.
We ventured down to AG on Friday to pick out some plants for our veggie garden. Ben was doing so great we decided to treat ourselves to CafĂ© Andrini. I nursed Ben in the car (parked) and he threw up his whole feeding (guess we were pressing our luck.) That’s the second time he’s done that and it really freaks me out. After a wipe bath, diaper change, and new outfit in the front seat of the car we stopped be Matt and Jeannie’s fancy Avila retreat… Happy Birthday Jeannie. Matty and Traci came over that night and made an awesome tortilla soup. Ben slept practically the whole time… I think he was a bit tired out from our big afternoon. Saturday we had a visit from Angie. She loved meeting Benny and left us with yummy quiche that served us for many meals. Saturday night, just as we were getting ready for bed, Aunt Carrie and her family surprised us with a knock at the door. It was so great to see our friends visiting from Oregon. Aunt Carrie, we are so glad you got better in time for the wedding and a quick SLO visit.

I'm so glad you're feeling better Auntie Carrie.

Hello Brayden... He's a pro. (He has 2 little sisters at home.)

Look! A cutie holding a cutie! (Kahlia's a pro too.)

The Durfee family get's the furthest distance traveled award. They drove down from Bend, OR. Sorry we didn't get a pic with Uncle Rob.

Sunday was a big day, meeting lots of new friends and family. We got up and made yummy crepes. The weather was so gorgeous that we ate them, picnic style, out on the lawn. After sending Carrie and family off to the beach, Aunt Lori, Uncle John, and Cousin Tim came to finally meet Baby Benny. We took the bob stroller and walked to Gus’s, grabbed lunch, and ate at the park across the street. I love sunny SLO. After that Ben and Eve stopped by for a visit. They have to get all the inside tips since they will have a little one soon too, Baby Girl Sierra is due in September. That evening Megan and Jesse brought us an awesome dinner… black bean lasagna and salad (I have to make this one again.) We ate together while Ben hung in the bouncy chair (an excellent tool during meals.)

Uncle John, Aunt Lori, and Cousin Tim made a special trip up from Ojai to meet Little Benny. They loved him at first sight.

We got Gus's sandos and ate them at the park.

Dad is good at taking naps with Benny.

Megan and Jesse brrought over yummy dinner. Spoiling us more.

Sunday Ben gave me the first taste of trouble falling asleep. He’s just been so great so far… totally spoiling me. He nursed and was all ready for bed but just wouldn’t relax enough to fall asleep. The only thing that settled him down was to suck on my pinkie finger. Every time I thought he was asleep and tried to pull out my finger he would startle and wake up and fuss again. It took everything in my will power to not go dig out the unused pacifiers we have. Ben’s found his thumb 4 or 5 times now and I don’t know whether it’s better to let him keep trying to comfort himself with his thumb or give him a pacifier. Trouble is that I swaddle him with his arms down at night. He sleeps way better that way… but not thumb access. Anyways, he slept next to me for almost three hours, intermittently sucking my pinkie which when finally released was all wrinkly. Let’s sleep better tonight.

Hangin with Mom and Dad.

Today is Monday and it’s Ben and my first day with Eric back at work. It was sad this morning when we woke up without him. I love love love that Eric gets to come home for lunch and see us. We ate Angie’s quiche on the sunny deck, Benny lounged right on the table top in his bouncy seat. My plans of vacuuming and laundry never materialized but I did watch an episode of Biggest Loser while I went through the mountain of mail… bills, medical paperwork, baby paperwork, junk mail, etc. It took me over 2 hours. Eric got home and we went for a walk through the park with the Bob. Came home and made dinner… yes, made dinner. It felt good. Miso sesame salmon… mmmm. We gave Benny a bath which he seems to like, or at least tolerates. It’s taking him out of the water that’s the hard part.

April 27, 2010 Rough night… nursed every two hours. 2 vomits + 1 pee fountain = 3 PJ changes. At 3am I ran out of receiving blankets and changing pad covers… Oh the laundry.

Johden and Lisa brought yummy dinner... butternut squash enchiladas! Ben was his usual polite self, hanging in his bouncy chair while we ate.

Hi Johden!

Nice hair Lisa! Fixing your hair takes second priority when you're holding Benny. : )

April 28, 2010
Ben got to meet his second set of great grandparents today. He has three sets all together... a pretty lucky little guy. Nana and Papa were very excited to see him... we even had to wake him up from his nap. He was a good sport though.

I'm so glad to meet you Nana and Papa!

April 29, 2010
I'm doing pretty good. Moments of bliss surrounded by other feelings too. Mostly good, just have had a few moments of feeling overwhelmed or scared. Ben is great aside from his circumcision today. That was super hard. Eric went in with him and I could hear him crying from the next room... it was hard. Now him little penis is all swollen. Diaper changes are a big challenge. He fell fast asleep afterward and we took advantage by going to Apple Farm for breakfast with Nana and Papa. Everyone admired him in the restaurant and famous gift shop. After that he's been super fussy compared to normal but also sleeping a lot today. Tonight might be a hard one. The nights are the hardest part. Other than that I am so amazed by him every day and the fact that we made him... it's so crazy. I give him lots of kisses all the time and love him so much. The belly button is pretty much healed and I think I've figured out how to stop him from throwing up after nursing (more frequent burping) so once his penis is healed too I think I'll feel much better. Saturday we're going to the Fogarty's house for Mary Miller's retirement party so that will be a big outing.

Apple Farm breakfast with Nana and Papa. Ben slept the whole time. All that crying at the doctor's office tired him out.

April 30, 2010
I have been trying to write Thank You notes all day! I keep getting out my pens, addresses, list, and note cards and by that time parenthood is calling. Yes, that’s right, I still haven’t finished my Thank You’s! I know… terrible. That being said, I am continually amazed by my son. He’s such a little person (I can ball him up in one hand and hold him against my chest like a little pea pod) but is so big. He makes me smile so big, he just makes my heart feel so big. Yesterday morning he had his circumcision and it was a tough day. He nursed A LOT last night! Never slept for longer than 2 hours. Eric got up just in time for the diaper changes (it’s a two person job with the hurt penis, although I’ve figured it out today) and has been such a help. Today he seems to be back to his happy self. We slept till 9am this morning and he was awake, alert, and happy all morning. Hung out in his bouncy chair while I showered and shaved my legs… Yes! My legs are shaved… ahh, feels so good. We walked to Village Host for pizza with the eda gang for lunch and back home again. He was a bit fussy this afternoon and I couldn’t figure it out for a bit. Then I realized I hadn’t changed his diaper in quite a while… bad mommy… I think I’ve been avoiding it. Diaper changed and back to happy self. I love when it makes sense like that. We continue to get spoiled by all of our wonderful friends. Colby dropped off a lasagna today and hung out for a bit. Her Zoe is just 4 ½ months old. Her and Ben were the same weight at birth. It baffles me that he could grow that much in such a short time. Part of me wants him to get to the next stage of babyhood (mostly I think this at night) but when I realize it’s all going to go by so fast, I relish in his infancy. So they say babies don’t really do much other than eat, poop, pee, sleep, which is basically true, but here are some things Benny does that I love:

After burping, after nursing, he falls against my chest into a little pea pod ball and just melts.

The little sounds he makes when I look at him and realize it’s not fussing, he’s just hanging out.

When he falls asleep on his dad’s chest with his little arms stretched out on each side of his head.

He purses his lips and his mouth forms this perfect little heart.

He sneezes, 3, 4, 5 times in a row (like his mom.)

When he coughs his little tongue sticks out in a little U shape.

He stretches really big and arches his back and scrunches up his forehead. His forehead gets all wrinkly.

Hello Colby! Can't wait till I'm big enough to play with Zoe!

There's that wrinkly forehead that I love.

A trick I borrowed from my friends Colby and Zoe. The pillows make him think he's still being held.