Thursday, June 3, 2010

So Many Changes...

Crazy! I can not believe it is June! When I was pregnant, the idea that I wouldn't be going back to work until August seemed like such a long time... now it is FLYING by! Benny was 7 weeks old yesterday and he is growing sooo fast! He has always seemed like a little baby baby to me, until last night. Maybe it was seeing all those new new babies at Mom's group, but all of a sudden, while I was getting him ready for bed, I had this epiphany. "He's pretty heavy," I thought as I picked him up with less head support. "Oh my gosh, he's huge!" I thought as I looked at him all swaddled up. I've always swaddled him on my footstool after nursing him in the night. Now his head is starting to hand off the back and his feet are kicking against the rocker chair... I think I need a new system. And growing isn't the only thing he's been up to...

Last week we realized he could track with his eyes. He loves looking at Kaya (a mini version of the real thing, Matty's Black Lab) travel from left to right, up and down. Then Kaya gives him kisses all over and he squeals with delight. That's another new thing, smiling and laughing. His smiles are getting bigger and more accessible. He still loves being on the changing table and that's where he gives me some of his best grins. (Go figure.) He is talking, cooing, and laughing much more, even just in the last few days. He is still spoiling us by being a great baby but he also has his moments of wailing. Usually a diaper change or "Benny Burrito, " as I call the swaddle, fixes him right up. I've also noticed his eyelashes are way longer and draker than the practically non-existent ones at birth. And I think the fuzz on top of his head is getting darker too but that could be just mom

Benny went on his first camping trip this weekend out to Lake Lopez. We kind of cheated since my dad insisted that we stay in his motorhome and he stayed out in the tent. (Grandpa's snores would have woked Ben up for sure!) He loved being outside under the Oak trees and passes around by lots of new friends. Saturday we drove, then hiked out to big falls. Then Sunday he went on his first boat ride. He did great laying on the seat and sitting in mom and dad's lap. He even cheered for dad, Uncle Kev, and Auntie Jess out on the wakeboard. It was a great first trip but next time we'll have to try the tent so he doesn't get too spoiled.

Here's lots of pics. Sorry so many, there's just too many cute ones I can't pass up. They got kind of out of order but oh well. : )

Benny in the boat, Dad on the board.

Floating diaper change

No hair on top!

Uncle Kev's already teaching him wheelies.

Sleeping in the motorhome... spoiled!

Camping bath... smaller sink... still works.

A visit from Aunt Marcy...
and Mammie. Happy Birthday Mammie!

Cutie Pattootie

Warm enough for just a diaper. We love beautiful slo.

Hangin with Aunt Jeannie.

Uncle Matt built me a custom shade.

Lovin the boat ride and the sunshine (baby sunscreen applied.)

Boat driver in training.

Who wants to wakeboard next... I do, I do!

I have to wait till I'm how old?!?

Sportin my designer DKNY PJ's (thanks Plott family) camping with my cousin Joe.

Hangin with Big D!
Land Cruiser is loaded and ready to go and there's still a little room for Baby Benny.
(This is on our way to go but the pics are out of order... oops.)

Pictures at home:

Love the scratchy kisses from Dad.
I want more!

So precious.

Snuggle Bug.

I love Kaya! She is so soft!

Morning snooze. I sleep soooo good on my tummy...

...or on mom.

Smiley Guy!

Relaxin on the couch.

Matt made awesome tempura ice cream for my birthday. (When we went out for sushi they didn't have it. Matt decided he would just make it. Thanks Matt.)

He made it very fancy. Yum.
Come here, Uncle Kevy, I have a secret to tell you.

Hi Traci and Matty!

Uncle Kevin and Aunt Jess. We hope for lots of visits from them!