Thursday, April 22, 2010

The First Week

Benjamin Barnett Eldridge, 1 Day old.
Benny has had an action packed first week of life!

Day 1, Thursday, April 15th.

Baby Ben
had lots to do in the hospital before he could go home. We started a check list early in the day because we felt like we'd been there long enough. Between all the hospitally stuff we had to do there were lots of special people to meet.

A visit from Auntie R.

Visits from Aunt Cheri (an OB nurse in Sacramento, she's a Pro!) and Cousin Josh
A visit from Grandma Momo.
And a visit from Pop, Nanalynn, and Uncle Na.
Dr. Kromhaut stopped by just before we left. Thank you Dr. K. for helping me into this world!
All ready to go home in an outfit from Auntie R.
So much STUFF for one tiny person! The big red wagon was a huge help!
Home! Kitty was not quite sure what to think of Baby Benny.

Day 2, Friday, April 16th.
Ahhh, our first day home. It was so nice to wake up (many times) in our own bed. Benny is sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed which is working nicely. He gets up a lot throughout the night to nurse but he goes right back to sleep (knock on wood.) We had a visit from the home health nurse (an awesome service!) and really just hung out in awe of our new little person. Kevin and Jessica arrived around 9 that night and were so excited to meet their new nephew. We hung out in the nursery, Jessica and Kevin taking turns holding Benny.
Day 3, Saturday, April 17th.
We hung out in the sunshine on the front lawn and Kev and Eric decided to give Ben his first surf lessons. He wasn't really happy about that. Then we went on our first trip downtown. Kevin and Eric wanted to check out the surfboard sale at CCS. We walked across the street to get a Jamba Juice too. I was holding Ben getting ready to go across the crosswalk and two old ladies asked me how old my baby was. When I said 3 days they seemed a bit shocked. Yikes, am I not suppossed to be out? Oops. Jessica and Kevin (mostly Jess) cooked us an amazing dinner, southwestern shrimp risotto. We are being so spoiled!

Kev and Eric decided to give Ben his first surf lesson.
First Bath. He liked the water... didn't like getting out.
Benny is almost as big as Uncle Matt's bicep!
Benny and Kitty love Uncle Kevin.
Day 4, Sunday, April 18th.
Kev and Jess were sad to go home and say goodbye to little Benny. Colleen stopped by for a visit and brought awesome sandwiches and homemade soup. It was enough for dinner, lunch, and half of another dinner. Thanks Colleen!

A visit from Colleen. Thanks for the yummy soup and sandos!
Day 5, Monday, April 19th.
He had a busy, busy day! Quick trip to Pismo to run an errand, lactation appointment at 1:00, first Doc's appointment at 2:30, then off to meet the Great Grandparents after that. He was a bit tukered out and slept the whole time we were there while everyone held him. Then home for a quick nurse, diaper change (and restock of diapers in the diaper bag) Then off to Matt and Jeannie's for Matt's birthday dinner. He nursed right at the table while we ate and hung out on a faux bed on the floor while we played Settlers. We got home about 9pm. What a trooper!
Happy Birthday Uncle Matt!
Gettin' a new diaper on the kitchen floor.
Day 6, Tuesday, April 20th.
We're home. Rained this morning... nice excuse to be lazy. He took his first "official nap" in his crib. Eric was holding him and he actually found his thumb! Crazy. He was in his bouncy chair a bit later and I caught it on video. We went for a windy walk through Meadow Park, Benny in the Moby. He did great being all bundled up in there. John, Malia, and Ella brought us yummy Southwestern salads for dinner!
Ben found his thumb for the first time...
...and then he found it again.
Our first walk with the Moby Wrap... it was a bit windy.
Day 7, Wednesday, April 21st.
Eric's family came over for a visit and brought us Chile Peppers burritos. They all fought over who got to hold Ben for how long. Roxanne and Mikey brought sweet potato curry for dinner and Ben slept for most of the time. Rox was a little disappointed but loved holding him anyways. My brother can't believe how spoiled were being with all the food. Neither can we... thank you everyone!

Benny's first time in Owen's swing... Thanks Owen.
Hello Uncle Nathan.
Just doin' some afternoon reading. I love my new blanket from my Great Grandma, Nana.
Hello Roxy. Wake up Benny.
Well, so far so good. He's totally spoiling us... tyring to not take it for granted. We love you, Ben.

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  1. Kris, this is really great. I love sharing this epic adventure with you :)